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You are not ready for Yoga, unless you know these!

Posted on October 20 2016

What To Know Before your First Yoga Class!

So you finally decided to join your neighbourhood yoga class? That’s great! You are already a step closer to gifting yourself the ultimate present imaginable! If you haven’t, you should really consider giving it a try! Either way, here are a few things you should know before you start off on your epic journey to enlightenment!

The History

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of self-discovery known to man. The roots of Yoga lie in ancient Indian Vedas which encompass a much wider meaning of the word Yoga and its practitioners, Yogis. In reality, Yoga means embracing a variety of spiritual and physical practices to attain the supreme goal of a Yogi, “Moksha” or enlightenment. Yoga knows no good or evil, it is the one and only powerful tool to reign supreme over one’s senses. That is precisely why the results of meticulous yoga have produced enlightened men of Spirituality like Gautam Buddha, as well as anti-Heroes like Ravana and Mahisasura! There is nothing that can guarantee you success like Yoga, and history has plenty to prove it!

The Biology

Yoga has multiple health benefits. It will detoxify your body, it helps you get a toned physique, it increases your stamina, it increases your metabolism and therefore, you burn more fat! Yoga will change your body, but the results will be slow and steady. If you are expecting radical, fast results, yoga is not for you. You should rather look to embrace yoga as a lifestyle, and make it a part of your daily routine, like taking a bath. Only then will you see how you transform!

The Equipment

Although Yoga does not require specialized equipment like other fitness routines, you absolutely must get your minimum gear straight before taking the dive.

The first thing you need is a good yoga mat. It essentially needs to me a soft cushion for you to perform your poses, yet not so soft that you feel like you are lying in bed. A good yoga mat needs to grip itself to the floor and create enough friction between you and the ground. Trust us, you do not want the mat to slip, or you will be stuck in a yogic pose for the rest of your life.

The second items that are indispensable are proper stretchy yoga pants and t-shirts. Yoga will stretch you, and as you become advanced, your body will be stretched to never explored levels of flexibility. Your clothes need to stretch with you! Cotton clothes are not stretchable at all, which is why we are Piranha has developed special yoga attire to keep you cool during your Yoga classes! Our Yoga Pants and T-shirts stretch as you do, and fit you like a second skin as you flex. Needless to say, sometimes, you do need to let your clothes do the talking!

The Matter of Mind

Yoga, like all other body transforming routines, is prone to rejection in the first week. The human body does not welcome change. As yoga becomes a part of you, it starts to change you, and your body will not be happy. The first few days, you will feel lethargic, sleepy and uninterested to continue further. What you must realise is that this too shall pass! This is actually your body detoxifying itself and adjusting to the new lifestyle you are adapting yourself into. After a few days, you will start feeling the difference. You will radiate a glow unlike you ever saw before, you will feel much happier, fresher and overall healthy. You will thank whoever got you into yoga…

Still thinking about it? Well, when the country with a billion people and the world’s oldest religion approve of something, it must at least be given a chance right? What do you think?

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