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Working out in Office – A Quick Guide

Posted on December 16 2016

With our schedules demanding we work 27 hours a day just to break even, it is difficult to find a proper hour of exercise every day. The solution? Convert the place where you stay the most into your makeshift gym. Here’s how you can make the most out of your workspace for an hour of the gym every day!

Stairs Vs Lifts

Unless your office is more than 4 floors above ground, avoid the lift and take the stairs. Going up on the stairs can work as an immensely effective cardio exercise. Lifts, though, can be a great place for a few improvised squats. Your calves will thank you!

Chairs Vs Gym Balls

Throw out your chair. Instead, sit on an inflated gym ball. It will correct your posture within 15 days, strengthen your core about 75% more within a couple of months and you will start feeling the difference instantly! If you would rather keep your chair, you can also use it for doing modified hand presses as you support your body with the handles, and practice lifting yourself off the chair, without using your legs.

Sitting Vs Outstanding

Sitting continuously at the same place can be the worst thing you do to your body. Get up and walk a few minutes. You should make it a point to sometimes stand up and work on your computer, instead of sitting in front of it all day long.

Whatever you do, always remember to employ your creativity and convert your workplace into your second home and gym!

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