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Why you should take yoga Seriously… NOW!

Posted on March 10 2017

Yoga, back in the days, was a part and parcel of daily life. It was a routine one had to follow, in order to get the best out of one’s mind and soul. Given the popularity of this ancient, but still relevant art, it’s time we took a look at why and how exactly yoga has held its own!

Permanent Results

All the postures of yoga, whether beginner’s pose or an advanced pose to get your heart racing, have been designed with only one thing in mind, to make the mind and body one with nature. Therefore, the results that you achieve, are well adapted to by your body and are much more permanent than other forms.

For example, if you got leaner by doing intense yoga, you will be far less susceptible to gain that weight back in time. Your body becomes naturally resistant to letting go of the good effects of yoga.

Needless to say, since yoga is all natural, like most natural things, it has no side effects.

Staying Younger

Yoga has often been associated with staying younger for longer. The reason is simple. Yoga initiates the process of muscle repair at just the right amount. It targets the release of anti-oxidants, which counter the effects of free radicals in our body, making the effects of ageing visibly lesser.

Not only that, yoga helps in keeping the heart happier, getting your pulse down and reducing stress and cholesterol. Your immune function strengthens itself and you will hardly fall sick, ever!

Body Pain and Alignment

People with chronic back ache, especially lower back ache have reportedly experienced astounding betterment of their condition with regular yoga for a week. Yoga aligns your body perfectly, making sure all the forces generated through and by your body are in line and released adequately through your bones, thus reducing accumulation of stress at one point which causes pain. Yoga helps in your body to perform more efficiently.

We recommend keeping one or two sessions of yoga with your regular fitness routine. That way you can also get the benefits of yoga into whatever fitness routine you are into!

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