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Why you should shuffle workouts!

Posted on February 16 2017

There comes a time down the road when you start working out, the time when you stop getting results. For many, it can be a real deal breaker, and a major hurdle to overcome on the road to get things rolling again. The real solution is to shuffle your workouts, and move them around. Here’s why!


Once you get set in to fitness routine, your body kind of adapts to the whole setup, and eventually it gathers the required strength to face the challenges you set. For example, if you are used to twenty reps for two sets each, after a month, you will find your growth to stagnate. That is because the growth hormone responsible for muscle gain has done its job. The way out? Just increase your weight slightly. Better still, change the angle at which you lift, and engage a whole new set of muscles.


Sticking to the same type of fitness workouts is bad for overall improvement and versatile development of body. If you depend only on cardio, you will get leaner and faster along with a killer endurance. But you will gain very little muscle mass and in the long run, it will do more damage. Ideally, therefore, you must look to shuffle up workouts every now and then so that all the nooks and crannies of your body get engaged!

Keeping things interesting

Humans are designed by nature to evolve constantly. The same logic applies to working out. When you are repeating the same workouts every day, you lose interest, and focus. That results in cheated reps, improper follow-through, and stagnated results. Shuffle your workouts across the multitude of choices you have at your disposal. For a detailed guide at the kind of workouts you may think about, look here.

Always remember, the more you focus on a variety on workouts, the better it is for you. Just ensure you don’t rush into anything, and try all new things under proper supervision.

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