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Why the Keto Diet May Not Work for You

Posted on February 02 2018

The keto diet has gained so much popularity in the fitness circles that it’s likely we know a friend, colleague or relative who has been on it. If you’re wondering whether to try it out yourself, we’re here to give you an overview of the diet and its downsides – read on so you can make an informed decision.

How does the keto diet work?

Keto, short for ketogenic, is a diet that focuses on burning fats rather than carbohydrates. It helps the body reach a state of ketosis, which allows you to use fat for energy. Ketones are the metabolic fuel produced when your body shifts into a fat-burning mode, which helps melt your fat and makes you lose weight in the process.

However, keto is not a magic weight loss tool and involves a process wherein you need to know what to avoid and what you could possibly overdose on.

Why this may not be good for you

As you may have realised this sudden cult following for the keto diet is due to people actually experiencing extreme weight loss. While it works well for some people, it still has its flip side. Before choosing to start the diet, it is important to see if it is safe for your body in the long run and if you are ready to face what it might entail.

May lead to eating disorders

Keto has been known to attract people with eating disorders. The constant weight watching and monitoring of food may lead to obsessive eating patterns.

Healthy fats get burned

As keto focuses on burning fat to lose weight, a lot of healthy fats also get burned in the process. Healthy and high-quality fats are also important for your body. Following the keto plan for too long will take a toll on your body and mind.

Not practical in the long run

Doing keto means letting go of your habit of eating your favorite kinds of food, as well as a big list of carb-loaded food. While doing something so extreme to your body may make you lose weight, it may not necessarily be a good/ healthy thing for you. Cutting out a significant variety of food from your body, will have short-term benefits, but will also have long-term effects.

Gym sessions won’t be as effective

During the keto diet, you may also begin to lose muscle. The limited protein intake doesn’t allow muscles to gain mass, no matter how much you work out at the gym.

Overall if you have no eating disorders or prone to diet jumps, you can try it out and see what your results are. Remember that ketosis is not required, and it could potentially be harmful so be sure to try it only for a short period of time. There are other healthier and safer ways to reach your target weight. Choose a fitness regimen that best suits your lifestyle and personality. Complement your active lifestyle with fitness gear and sportswear from Piranha.  

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