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Why red meat is bad for you

Posted on December 30 2017

Wikipedia describes red meat as “meat that is red when raw and dark in colour when cooked, in contrast to white meat which is pale in colour before and after cooking”. Meat such as pork, lamb and beef essentially fall under this category and is usually a popular choice of food for people following a paleo diet.

 However, it is believed high consumption of red meat can lead to several health risks. The general recommendation of consumption of this meat is about 90g or less of per day.

 Here are a few reasons to bring down your red meat intake today.

 Heart Diseases

The foremost reason to bring down on your red meat intake is that it puts you at high risk of cardiovascular problems, like an increased risk of heart attacks and heart disease. This is primarily because of the presence of saturated fat in abundance in red meat.


Next, research over the past few decades has labelled red meat as a carcinogen, which is anything that can cause cancer. So it is likely that excessive intake of red meat puts you at risk of cancer. This includes colon cancer, prostate and pancreatic cancer as well.

 Live longer!

If you are looking to live longer than you might want to switch to a vegetarian diet.

A Harvard study showed that vegetarians CAN outlive the meat eaters anyway! The study revealed that eating healthier protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts, and legumes was associated with a lower risk of mortality.

 Type 2 Diabetes

Certain research over the last few years has to lead to the belief that too much of red meat in your diet also up your risks of type 2 diabetes. This could be true, especially in the case of processed red meats.

 High Blood Pressure

Since red meat is filled with high cholesterol and saturated fat, having it as part of your daily diet puts you at risk of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol which in turn ups your risks of heart diseases.


Did you know the red colour in most packaged meat is because of nitrates? When nitrites combine with certain amino acids, N-nitroso compounds or nitrosamines are formed and these have been shown to be carcinogenic.


The International Journal of Obesity also pointed out that one is 27% more likely to become obese if you are a regular red meat eater in comparison to the lean meat eater.

Body Odour

Did you know that amino acids from red meat leave a residue in your digestive tract that can lead to serious sweating and body odour? Don't believe us? Cut down on your meat and check for yourself :)

 In conclusion, if you are a meat lover, consider bringing down your meat intake today. Also be aware of where you are buying your meat from. Read the packaging and whenever possible opt for organic meat.

 There are a lot of healthy options to substitute red meat with, which can help you reach your weight goals easily too. Follow our blog to know more about healthier substitutes to red meat for all you paleo lovers

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