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Which protein snack is good for you?

Posted on August 07 2017

Everyone who has been on a diet, is on a diet or wants to be on a diet swears by one fact – you can’t ignore protein. Protein is extremely important to build and repair tissues, make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. It is the building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

Some of the best listed sources proteins are meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, beans, soy food, nuts and seeds (which you can read about in our blog on healthy seeds).

 While those are the 9 best sources of protein, we made a list three snacks rich in protein for you as a pre-workout snack!

  1. A single serve of cottage cheese

It is a popular belief that Greek Yoghurt is the highest source of dairy based protein snack. A single serving of non-fat cottage cheese is enough to provide you with 20 grams of protein and only 110 calories. In addition to that, it also provides your body with 125 milligram of bone building calcium. Although one must keep in check is the fact that it accounts up to 20-30% of your daily quota of sodium.

  1. Single serving packet/cup of oatmeal

Adding a hot cup of water is sufficient to give you a bowl of protein and fibre packed in your choice of flavour with 150-200 calories. If you are looking to go a little more filling meal, throw in one sliced banana or roasted almonds.

  1. Health Bars/ Granola Bars

It is an obvious fact that health bars are loaded with proteins owing to their mix of nuts and other ingredients. But before hitting a bar, one must look for the sugar and fat levels which can sky rocket and sometimes raise the calorie level up to an alarming 400! Moreover too much protein is not healthy.

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