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Wardrobe Staples To Transform You Into A Gym Diva

Posted on July 18 2018

If you're like most women, you probably don't think of gym apparel as anything more than boring, utilitarian outfits. After all, you're working on your body and not necessarily trying to make a style statement. However, thanks to the popularity of Instagram fitness influencers, people are paying attention to how others dress up in the gym too. Luckily for you, we have super-stylish gym apparel that'll transform you from regular gym bunny to gym diva!

 1) Updated neutrals

Piranha Women White Sports T-shirt


Piranha Black Printed Sports T-shirt


Black and white will always have a place in the workout wardrobe. But instead of going for regular boxy cotton tees, try these body-skimming black and white T-shirts in moisture-wicking fabrics. The subtle prints on the chest add a dose of fun. They'll help balance your colorful track pants, track jackets, and workout sneakers too.

2) Zesty fun colors

Piranha Women Purple Checked Sports T-shirt


Piranha Women Orange Checked Sports T-shirt


You're a true trouper if you're hitting the gym early in the morning or late after work. Adding vibrant colors and patterns to your gym wardrobe will infuse you with much-needed energy long before you start your workout! Pinks, oranges, purples, greens, blues - there's more than enough specially designed, flattering T-shirts for you to choose from on the site https://www.piranhasportswear.com/

3) Cute tank tops

Piranha Women Red Striped Tank Top


Piranha Women Purple Striped Tank Top


If you possess sexy toned arms (thanks to all the gymming), you just have to show them off in these sexy colorful tank tops. The slim fit design and striped patterns will flatter most body types too!

4) Fun capris and track pants

Piranha Women Purple Printed Yoga And Running Pants


Piranha Women Teal Printed Yoga And Running Pants


Whoever thought that track pants have to be in blue or black never envisioned these sexy colorful tracks and capris! The body-hugging design is comfortable and the moisture wicking fabrics will ensure that unsightly sweat stains don't form while you jog, skip or squat while working out. Plus, performing all those squats are more fun in sexy tracks!

 If you're dressed well at the gym, you'll feel more confident and work out better too. Plus, you'll garner more than a few appreciative glances and compliments too! Therefore, hit up our site https://www.piranhasportswear.com/  and check out more pieces to add to your wardrobe right away!