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Top 5 Exercises Everyone Needs To Do At the Gym

Posted on February 12 2018

When you’re just starting the journey towards your ultimate fitness goals, the gym can quickly become an overwhelming place. You have personal trainers putting you on the newest workout trends, gym buddies telling you a solid diet plan is the way to go and an Instagram feed that’s constantly throwing fitness advice at you for free.

Where do you begin and what regimen should you follow? Worry not because we’ve got your back! Here are our top 5 exercises everyone needs to do at the gym.

  1. Push Ups

Push-Ups work on all the right muscles on your upper back, arms, chest and core. They are easy to do anywhere, you don’t need fancy gym equipment (just a yoga mat) and the results are a great incentive. Do a few sets of these everyday and watch your endurance levels hit the roof!

Start in a plank position with your palms under your shoulder, fingers facing outward. Clench your core tightly and lower torso to the floor by bending the elbows. Drop your hips after your chest has lowered. When you get as low as possible, straighten your arms by pushing through your palms.

  1. Bench Press

Doing a bench press is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your core muscles and arms. Lie face-up on a bench holding a barbell at chest level (sternum) with elbows bent. Extend your arms to push the barbell directly above your chest. Hold, pause and gently lower it back to original position.

  1. Pull Ups

Pull ups increase your stamina and endurance at the gym. A few sets of these every day is all it takes to get those biceps popping.

With your palms facing outward, hang from a bar keeping arms straight and knees bent so as not to touch the floor. Pull chest upwards towards the bar by bending your elbows. Lower slowly and repeat. 

  1. Treadmill Session

Nothing like a good hour on the treadmill to get you pumped up. Set the treadmill at a steep incline to give yourself an extra push. Alternate between jogging and running at different speeds for half an hour before reducing the incline.

  1. Carry: Dumbbells

Simply hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing the thighs. Start walking taking your normal strides while keeping your head high and looking straight ahead. Keep the posture straight throughout. Repeat for 20 minutes.

That’s our list of short but extremely effective exercises to do at the gym. While you’re at it, you should check out Piranha’s collection of cool activewear designed to complement those intense gym sessions.
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