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Tips to run a strong first marathon

Posted on November 23 2016

With the winter season coming up, it’s time for Marathons! The cold winter wind gives the ideal set-up for an exhilarating running experience as you sweat less, lose less water due to dehydration and run longer, with the winds working as a natural coolant. Getting ready for your first marathon has never been this easy with our comprehensive guide to rock the track.

The Preps

If you wake up one day, and decide to run a marathon, there will be two possible outcomes. Either you will get a stroke while running or your legs will move about independent of your body. If you are going to run a marathon, prepare for it. Preparations start at least two months in advance. Start running every alternate day for 10 minutes, increasing the duration steadily along with your endurance. In the second month, increase the days of running to two consecutive and one rest day. Refrain from running the day before the big day.

Suit up Right

When going for a Marathon, ensure you have the right apparel. Cotton clothes will not do. Activewear by Piranha does the hard work for you, keeping sweat away from your body and evaporating it as you run. You can go for a classy subtle colour, or a sporty shade. Piranha will make sure you run in style.

The Shoes

Good running shoes are the Stealth bombers and Nuclear submarines of runners. They will win a war for you without breaking a sweat. Invest in a good pair of comfortable running shoes and you are already half way there.

The Diet

Depend on a protein rich, low carb diet when you start off for your runs. As you build endurance and more muscles, increase your carbs slowly. More carbs mean more energy to spend when you run. Unlike short bursts of speed in a sprint, marathon depends on your body’s energy reserves and metabolism to provide the required energy. You do need some energy or fat reserve before you run the long distance. A correct diet that builds up your reserve therefore, is a must.

Get set and go!

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