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Tips for Your First Day at the Gym

Posted on October 20 2016


That isn’t surprising since it is your first day at the gym! The equipment, the people – can give you an inexplicable rush. However, it is important not to get carried away. Following are a couple of tips to remember in order to set yourself in the right track.

Avoid Overdoing it

Your muscles have absolutely no idea what’s coming! For your gym sessions to last, subsequently from your first day, you should stick to two or three exercises only. This is to avoid soring your body. Your road to strong muscles and a fit body will be a relaxed one, if you take things easy. Correct form coupled with proper volume is essential to prevent injury.

Don’t Be the Copycat

Simply because the dude on the cover of the magazine looks fab does not mean what he is doing is going to get you there! Our bodies are different and the workout has to be tailor-made accordingly. Tough trainings and hard workout sessions may not fit well with your current fitness levels and genetics.

Pack Your Essentials

The gym is a breeding ground for germs. Hence, carry your own essentials. Pack a bag with your own set of towels, water bottle and gym wear. Great gym wear also feeds your motivation to get you sweating in style! Take your pick from Piranha’s active wear, which packages modern technical materials as well as styling, to spruce up your workout style.

Refuel Right

Make post workout meal a serious habit! Your pounded muscles require rebuilding and recovering. Your body requires a shot of carbohydrates or protein. Banana works well; so does whey protein. Try to ship nutrients into your muscles as quickly as possible. Avoid fat. Don’t forget to drink water – lots of it.

Have tips of your own? Share it with us in the comments below.
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