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Tips for a Super Effective Workout

Posted on January 31 2017

In our digitally controlled work centric lives we hardly get any time to work out. Whatever time we do get; it is imperative that we spend it with maximum efficiency.

Here are our tips for getting the maximum out of your time at the gym!

Music is your best friend

When you are sweating it out at the gym, music can literally be your saviour.  A fast paced number will set the tone for your workout. You can time your moves to the beats and get your reps done as per the book.

The music can help take your mind off the pain you face when we are working out. Concentrating on the music will help you focus more on building your strength, and away from your natural instinct to give up.

Track your Fitness

Invest in a good tracker or smartwatch to get access to a whole range of health related info, including heart rate, blood pressure and calories burnt as you work out! For a definitive guide to choosing whether you should get a smartwatch or fitness tracker, read more here.

Get the Right Clothes

Dressing right at the gym will not only make you look smart as you work out, they will also ensure you can take your workout to the edge. Dedicated and proper gym clothes have a bunch of benefits. You can get our definitive guide here and here.

Focus is Key

The consistent pain and suffering we put ourselves through at the gym can be extremely unsettling for many. The difficulties make it extremely easy to give up midway in an exercise and cheat… as in reducing a few reps here and there. Focus on the results and less on the road. This is one simple case where the destination is far better than the journey itself. When you are going at it, simply keep going. Side-line the pain and just get the reps done! You can always recover the next day if you follow our guide here.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other tips you follow.

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