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Things to know before you run

Posted on November 14 2016

Running is one of the best forms of Cardio known to man. In the past few weeks we promised we will cover different types of workouts you should try out. Today we shall talk about the things you should know before you start running.

Get your Shoes Straight

Running is serious business, so when you do indulge, it is recommended you go full out on the gear. Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Pay attention to the quality of your running shoes. They are the only ones that will save you from getting injured in such a high impact sports!

Dress for the occasion

Contrary to what people believe, running needs a lot of prep. First, your legs need to be strong enough to carry your weight and the impact when you run. It is recommended you start with leg training three weeks before you start running. About 20 squats each leg per alternate day should be enough to get your motor running.

Stretch, Before and After

Stretch every time you are about to start running. Stretching loosens your leg muscles so they absorb impact better and are able to handle the shock generated when you run. After you have finished running, stretch again. This post run stretch will help remove all stiffness and inflammation from your muscles.

Load the Carbs

You may seem to think otherwise, but a little carb, just 2-3 hrs earlier you scheduled time to run, may increase your endurance and stamina. You will find that you are able to run better, tire later and recover faster.

Build Endurance

You might not be able to run a mile on your first try. Relax. Start slow! Start for maybe 10 minutes a day, with walking alternated between running... Do it 3 times a week. Slowly increase the duration and frequency. Before long you will find yourself getting better and better!

Good Luck!