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The Types of Workout to Think About

Posted on November 18 2016

When trying to choose a workout, it is extremely easy getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options. Everyone seems to know what’s best for you, and what will give you results. But the truth is, not every type of fitness routine will benefit you. Read on to know more about the fitness routines:

1.Weight/Power Lifting

Power Lifting is ideal for those looking to build mass and muscle. You essentially make your muscles work. Lifting is not suitable for people who are looking to lose weight fast. In fact, lifting can actually increase your weight, further. The best approach is to start slow and gradually give time for your muscles to rebuild. Get rest days in between days at the gym.

Examples: Deadlift

2.Bodyweight Exercises

Gravity beats all gym machines when it comes to workouts. Your body weight is the best way to utilize gravity to your advantage. It is similar to lifting and good for people looking to increase their mass and muscle. However, it is important you start early while you are still lightweight. Unlike artificial weights, you will not be able to vary your actual bodyweight. The best part is, these can be done anywhere - at home, office, or even on your roof if love the outdoors.

Examples: Push ups, Squats, Lunges etc.


Cardio, including running, is best for people looking to lose weight. Cardio will increase your heart rate, and thus burn energy faster than normal to induce burning of fat. However, cardio can be dangerous if you are already overweight. Even basic cardio, like running, can induce the risk of injury as your legs will be lugging more weight than what is optimum. The key is to start with small bursts and then increase the duration of your sessions. While skipping ropes will not require any special preps, running requires a few weeks of intense leg training to get them all up for the task.

Example: Cycling, Running, Skipping

4.HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is the newest craze to wash the fitness scene recently. It is nothing but a combination, of all the above three types of workouts, but in short, intense bursts. It evidently keeps your heart rate at the most optimum level, while burning fat and building muscle at the same time. It does not take more than 10-15 minutes of workout every day.

In the coming days, we will be taking a detailed look at each of our favourite workout moves and techniques to get you all hooked up into getting fit! So what are you looking for? Just get your favourite Activewear from Piranha and hit the Gym!

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