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The Rigors of a Runner - and how to overcome them

Posted on November 29 2016

This week we talk about the hurdles and difficulties you will face while starting to run for the first time, and of course, how to overcome them! The problems discussed here may vary in intensity from person to person, but be rest assured, they will come. When they do, it is better to be prepared!

Tummy Trouble

Our digestive system depends on gravity. Although the peristaltic movement is controlled by a series of muscles, the overall movement of food through the system is controlled by Mother Earth and her affinity for you. When you run, your stomach is subjected to a series of a few seconds of weightlessness followed by a high impact jerk when you make contact again. This high intensity turmoil wreaks havoc on your digestion. Food is swirled out of control, and before long, you will either feel the need to puke, or go to the bathroom, both of which can dampen your spirits in the middle of a run.

The Solution

Do not eat anything at least 2-3 hours before you run. That way, all your food will be digested before you start. You can drink water though, but just enough to keep you hydrated.


Running subjects your foot to high amplitude high frequency impacts. The problem is, these impacts hit the same spot on your foot over and over again. The results? Painful blisters that soon fill with water making any further running impossible.

The Solution

Wear proper running shoes that fit your foot perfectly, cushion your foot against impacts and always wear moisture wicking socks. You can also use blister packs on newly formed blisters or sore skin which will eventually blister.


When you run, parts of your skin rub against each other. If you have any experience with water, a major component of sweat, you will notice that it is an extremely bad lubricant. As you sweat while you run, and parts like underarms, thighs and parts of your chest are rubbing against each other. Soon, these areas will chaff, redden, and cause a burning sensation to the touch.

The solution

Activewear by Piranha wicks away moisture from your body and keeps you dry, preventing unwanted friction developing into chaffing. Our specially designed material not only reduces friction between parts of your body, but also the air around you, so you can experience lower drag when you run! For chaffed areas, you can apply petroleum jelly and let it heal overnight.


As you start training, cramps will be inevitable. It is that feeling you get in your legs which feels like someone is peeling off your muscles. It can be a major road bump and the single most painful factor

to overcome. The reason is your muscles are fatigued and the pain is a signal to your body to stop running to prevent more damage.

The Solution

Stretch before and after you run. Stay hydrated with electrolyte solution, and get plenty of rest days in between days of running!

Good Luck!

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