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The real reason you are not getting fitter!

Posted on April 05 2017

So it has now been almost a year that you have been into your favourite fitness routine… but the inches simply don’t seem to fade away!

Worse still, you may have even gained weight rather than losing, or perhaps lost so little that it barely registers. Fear not, for we are here to dissect the real reasons why your body fat is hung on to you like an octopus…

You are eating way too much

You work out more, you burn more calories! Your body sends signals to your brain which makes you feel hungry. It’s the choices we make then, which determine exactly how your fitness goals will fare. You need to learn to rope in your emotions from gorging on the double cheeseburgers. Instead, try going for healthier options.

You are not eating right

When you are on a diet, seemingly healthy choices can often have far reaching effects.

Take nuts for example. They are packed with nutrients and calories too. However, just because nuts are healthy doesn’t mean you are allowed to gorge on them as much as you want! Too much of anything is bad, and when you load up on nuts, it actually ends up giving you more calories than before.

We always recommend having smoothies for faster and effective digestion.

You are not training harder

As you start training and build up endurance, you need to up the intensity. Going at the same pace every time you work out, even when you are slowly finding it easier and easier to finish all your sets makes your body immune to any muscle destruction and rebuilding, which is the essence of getting shredded. Ideally, increase the pace of your workout every month, without fail. Better still, shuffle workouts. It can be a wonderful way of getting out of a deadlock!

You are reading the results wrong

How do you measure success? You may not know but your weighing machine may actually be lying to you? In almost all fitness routines, lost fat is replaced with muscles. Therefore, you will hardly register any weight loss for that matter. You may be fooled into thinking you are a total failure. We recommend sticking to measuring inches lost in order to gauge your degree of success, as it portrays a much more accurate figure. By the way, if you are feeling fitter, don’t worry about anything else in the world!



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