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The Necessity of Dedicated Gym Clothes

Posted on October 20 2016

Staying Active in Style!

Gym apparel is a global industry in itself. With the ‘mango people’ becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of staying fit, more and more people are lining up outside gyms. The simple question that arises then is - Do you need a separate set of Gym Clothes? Read on to find out!

The fact of the Matter

Your regular everyday apparel is a hoot to wear. You may love to wear it all the time and even sleep comfortably in it. But what you must realize is that your Gym T-Shirt is not made of cotton. It is a special mix of blended polyester that is designed specifically to provide for idealattire, not only aesthetically pleasing, but extremely functional as well.

Keeping it Cool!

When you work out, or play, you sweat a lot. You sweat because your body cools itself with the evaporation of water contained in sweat. While cotton is great for sweat absorption, the sweat does not evaporate easily and fast enough from the material. After a while when you are completely drenched in sweat, the cotton will be saturated, and due to excessive retention of water within the fabric, it will start acting as an insulating barrier, preventing your body from releasing heat in air! All in all, not an ideal place to be.

Gym apparel by Piranha is made with a secret blend of polyester, which will not only absorb all your sweat, but also evaporate that sweat in air while you work out - so you stay super dry and cool. You can also pair it up with a nice pair of denims, venture out in the heat and it will work just as good!

Long Haul!

When you work out, your body releases a lot of toxins. All those burgers and beers will ooze through your pores like nuclear waste. In fact, the toxicity of sweat can melt and decay cotton if exposed for a prolonged period. In short, your cotton apparel is as good as gone within a week or two if you use it at the gym every day.

That is why we take care to provide you with a special fabric that is high on fluid absorption and dissipation but extremely low on retention. Our fabric is sweat proof. It is guaranteed to last you more than your money’s worth of cotton apparel. When you factor in the usable life of gym apparel, they are far more cost effective than general clothing.

Looks do matter!

How would you feel if you see a guy walking in to the gym with a Garfield T-shirt? Yes, we all hate Mondays but a gym is not a place to gather unwanted attention with funny t-shirts if you are serious about what you are doing. Gym apparel is designed to make you look right!

Choose Piranha’s gym wear that will help you shed the kilos and stay stylish!

Have any suggestions about our collection, or any questions? Do leave a reply in the comments section below.

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