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The much ignored benefits of working out!

Posted on March 30 2017

Everyone has their own reason for working out. Some do it to lose weight, some do it because the doctor said they would explode if they don’t start working out. Whatever be your reason, working out will offer far greater benefits than just making you lose weight!

Here’s our take on the top 5 best side effects of working out.

Enhanced Persona

People who work out have been found to always remain cheerful, and exude a certain confidence unseen in others who don’t. Baseless hoax!?! Turns out, its true! Working out releases a generous amount of endorphins and other feel-good-hormones, which elevate our mood instantly and keep it there... This results in a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and confident personality who trumps pretty much everything!

Longer and healthier life

Unless you choose Professional MMA or Bullfighting as your favourite fitness routine, chances are your workout will enhance and prolong your life. Research has always shown that at least 5 hours of weekly workouts can significantly lower your risk of contracting a host of diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Besides, working out will make you a generally healthier person, less prone to injuries. Needless to say, since modern medicine has ensured we live much longer, we can put in a little effort each day to live trouble free throughout our lives.

Improved Sex Life

A majority of people in their 20’s and 30’s are facing performance issues in bed nowadays. Regular stress at work, unhealthy work life balance and an overall unhealthy approach to life all contribute to this gigantic failure. The only long lasting solution? Work out for at least 30 minutes a day.Working out not only increases your stamina, which ultimately translates to great sex, the act itself is an awesome fat burner. 5 minutes of sex is as effective as half an hour at the gym!

Better immunity

Being a regular at the gym benefits in getting you a rock hard immune system. The regular destruction and rebuilding of muscle when you work out translates to production of numerous antibodies which facilitate the building of resistance against all kinds of illness. You will fall sick less often, and when you do, you will recover faster.

Stronger Mind

A recent study has shown that people who can devote adequate number of hours at the gym have also shown to have immensely strong will power. The effect is intensifying with age. A person above 40 who is a regular at the gym, is significantly more strong willed than a teenager, who is strong nonetheless. All in all, when one can put up with the hardships of the gym, one can definitely achieve anything, at least that’s what self-belief brings to the table.

Have any other benefits of working out you want to share? Do let us know!

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