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The Common Side Effects of a Diet

Posted on June 02 2017

All of us, who are regulars at the gym, are all too familiar with the drawbacks and side effects of a fat burning diet. Today we shall discuss what the common problems in a fat loss diet are and how to overcome them…

The Protein Fart

Let’s get the most embarrassing one out first. Our body takes a much longer time to digest protein than carbs, which are absorbed within an hour or two. Protein on the other hand, while being digested, release nitrogen as a by-product. All that nitrogen being dumped in your belly has only two ways of coming out, and the way up is blocked. In short, you cannot stop a protein fart, but you can sure make it far less embarrassing by incorporating our suggestions in your diet. You put in so much effort, getting your favourite gym clothes online, and sweating it out in your favourite dry-fit shorts, only to be discomfited by a fart!

The Solution

Add a slice of Pineapple or Banana in your protein shake. These fruits go very well and in fact aid in protein digestion and make the process much more subtle and, for the lack of a better word, less smelly… also, do check if you are lactose intolerant. If yes, replace dairy based products with soya based ones.

The Constipation

A Gym diet’s greatest problem is constipation, but it is also the most easily curable problem of the lot. Sweating it out at the gym makes you lose water. After you are done, and your body is healing itself, it requires more water, as you know that about 70% of our bodyweight is water. With your body depleting all the water, you need to supply it with almost twice the amount as you normally do. It is this requirement that we overlook, and pay the price for.

The Solution

Drink water, plenty of it, at least 6-7 litres. Not only will it relieve constipation, it will make your skin glow and ensure you look awesome in your new gym clothes. Another fix is to include lots of fibre in your diet.

A great option to improve on the Gym goer’s diet is to include probiotic yogurt in your diet. Probiotics essentially replace all the bad digestive bacteria in your stomach with the good ones, which help in passing food easily through the GI tract and aid in protein assimilation.

Herbs like turmeric, or a bit of honey in the shake can also result in wonderful results, giving you much needed relief from the woes of a gym diet!

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