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The best time to work out… ask the experts!

Posted on January 27 2017

Since the days of David, when people finally realized that working out daily can help you kill a giant Goliath, we have been plagued by a very simple question. What is the best time to work out?

Studies have now thrown some light in the pros and cons of the timing of your workout… take note...

Early Morning

If you are a morning person, and have no problems getting up in the early hours to go for a quick session of the gym and working out, early morning might just be the ideal time for you to exercise. The best part is, due to the high boost of endorphins you get straight up, it gives you a screaming and high energy start to the day. Morning workouts loosen you up tremendously, and jump start your metabolism in preparation for the day ahead.

It is not recommended to eat anything prior to a morning workout, for fear of being bloated. Experts say that your morning workouts are shorter because of the lack of readily available energy. However, this also means that your body quickly hits your fat reserves. If you are working out to lose weight, mornings are better.

After Office/Evening

Studies have shown that after office/evening workouts are best suited for people who work indoors, or with a desk job. Your body is sufficiently stretched, you have had enough warming up throughout the day, and your body is naturally ready for the workout. The added motivation required to get out of bed, against natural tendencies of your body, is absent here. In addition to the above, all the heavy meals you have had throughout the day are sufficiently digested and you have a steady source of energy available to stretch your workout to the fullest.

Besides, your body has ample time to repair the damage done to it in the workouts, all through the night. You can easily have a protein shake after the workout, and that will definitely boost your muscle building process! Hence, if you are looking to bulk up in muscle, evening workouts are more suited for you!

Whatever you do, do not work out after heavy meals, or you run the risk of indigestion. Avoid the gym altogether when you are sick as it hampers with your body’s natural fight against the sickness. Make sure your work out is complete at least 2 hours before your bedtime, so you are not kept awake by the endorphins…

Good Luck!

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