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The 10 Minute Zen Barre Workout. (No equipment)

Posted on February 17 2018

 How many of us started out the year with a resolution to be healthier and happier? Did you know that a recent poll showed that the most common New Year resolution for 2018 is to eat healthier and get more exercise! To help you along, we have all the information you’ll need about a miracle 10 minute routine called the Zen Barre workout!

What is it?

Creating waves around the fitness world already, the Zen Barre workout follows the principles of barre, yoga, and Pilates with an emphasis on ballet and strength training. The exercise form uses a ballet barre to strength train muscles while focusing on posture. The principles of this workout as the name suggests is based on the Zen philosophy of life. If unhurried workouts are your thing, this one should be right up your alley!

 Who started it?

Jonelle Dickson-Prokopchak, a fitness enthusiast, created the Zen Barre routine based on her belief that “ should be more than a short-term answer, but instead a journey to a healthy mind, body, and soul”.  

 Dickson-Prokopchak’s inspiration to start this studio came from wanting to empower women and help them lead a healthy life - body, mind and soul! She even advises pregnant women to practise Zen Barre. It is reported that barre classes have helped women maintain a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy and that it helped them bounce back quicker after pregnancy!

 How does it work?

The Barre workouts are slow and unique as they are designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body as well as increase flexibility. Usually performed barefoot or with socks on, and gentle use of essential oils, it is a combination of barre and Pilates moves connecting with the mind, body, spirit philosophies of yoga! Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? Each class works towards connecting and focusing on ones breathing while performing the postures or moves. If you emerge feeling calm and grounded by the end of it all, don't be surprised!

 They say it takes all of 21 days for anything to become a habit, but with the Zen Barre, it will become a lifestyle even before you know it. Its holistic approach towards health is the perfect answer to all your woes! A workout that can be started by anyone at any level and all it requires from you is grit and determination to give yourself the healthier life you deserve. Complement your new workout routine with a new set of fashionable, comfortable and breathable activewear from Piranha Sportswear.


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