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Taking Care of your Gym Clothes in Monsoon

Posted on June 19 2017

We have spoken elaborately on how you should take care of your gym clothes here. However, the monsoon months bring about a fresh set of challenges on keeping your favourite dry fit shorts and dry fit t-shirts in perfect condition!

Getting it dry

The first problem most of us face is with clothes refusing to dry. With the added humidity, no wonder they take ages to dry up. We do know a few tricks that can help you though.  Just let your clothes hang, and use your hair dryer to dry them in the final stages. If you have an Air Conditioner at home, you can hang them to dry in front of the outdoor unit.

Small habits… big returns

The monsoons are especially bad because of fungus and mould attacks. Never dump your wet gym clothes overnight. It is preferred that you wash them immediately. If you cannot wash them immediately, at least hang them where there is some fresh air. The main issue with leaving them overnight is due to the absorption of toxins and sweat as you work out, which will break down regular clothes and cause faster decay. You can always opt for specialized sports clothes online for clothes designed to withstand more of these.

The lesser there is to dry

Try wearing half sleeved t-shirts and shorts in monsoons. The simple reason being that smaller clothes will take lesser time to dry. We found these awesome examples when looking up sportswear online for you to try out…

The special dry fit material will ensure you stay dry as you run, but since it gives off moisture super-fast, it will be extremely easy to maintain.

Dry fit pants like these grey ones, we found, are extremely good for monsoon runs. As it is we sweat more in monsoons, and the special material helps in preventing unwanted friction between legs, keeping you away from abrasions and rashes.

When minimalism is the order of the day, nothing beats this red top we found. Since there is less of clothing, it will be quick to dry and wear again.

No Sun

No matter how tempting a few hours of sunshine might seem, never dry your gym clothes out in the sun. The excessive light will wreak havoc on the colour of your clothes. Always dry in the shade.

For any other tips on how to take the perfect care of your gym clothes in any weather, feel free to ask questions in the comments below…

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