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Smart watch Vs Fitness Tracker – which should you buy?

Posted on December 23 2016

Smart watches have taken the mobile industry by storm.

A couple of decades ago, when mobile phones first invaded our lives, little did we imagine that one day, we would be able to house 300 to 500 times the power of hand held devices. Fitness trackers, on the other hand, can be simply put as a myriad of sensors strapped to our body. They are essentially different, yet so similar that choosing one of the two may be quite a task! It is a classic King Kong Vs Godzilla kind of a situation.

Smart watches – Why are they in style? 

Smart watches are immensely powerful. It is like a mini computer on your wrist. The Smart watch design has evolved tremendously in the last five years. Smart watches are also armed to the teeth when it comes to sensors, with most embedded with barometers and heart rate monitors. They are almost as classy as a conventional watch, display a wealth of information when you need it, and can be decked up with virtually any number of watch faces to suit your taste.

Fitness Trackers – why should you be excited?

Fitness trackers have always been confined to fitness freaks or professional athletes, that is until everyone suddenly decided to get fit and an entire market started developing overnight! It is essentially a band or a small sensor housing embedded in a band, which collects data from the body, and in some cases displays the same in a small led screen. Information - starting from distance walked, calories burnt, to heart rate, and blood pressure is displayed on the band itself, or a companion smartphone app.

So which should you get?

This is the mother of all questions. To answer simply, look at your needs. A smart watch, no matter how many teeth it comes with, will never match the class and elegance of a real watch. If it is style and class you are looking for, go for a conventional watch and buy a fitness tracker separately.

Besides, although armed with almost the same number of sensors, a fitness tracker is much more rugged and robust in construction to resist daily grime and sweat. If it is fitness tracking you are looking for, you better stick to a fitness tracker. Smart watches will be too big and awkward for your use.

Smart watches have abysmally low battery life as compared to fitness trackers. However, if it is sheer computing power and potential you are looking for, the smart watch can run circles around a fitness tracker any day.

Good luck and do keep us posted about what you think!

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