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Side-effects of exercising too much!

Posted on February 22 2017

Too much working out may be bad for your health and setting you up for a massive failure as far as your long term fitness goals are concerned… here’s why…

The side effects of over exercise extend beyond the physical and deep into our psychological mind-sets. When you spend too much time at the gym, you are affected not only physically, but mentally too…

The Psychological Woes…

Although this is not a direct relative to overtraining, when you become too much nit-picky about the food you eat and what you have for lunch and dinner, the first thing to be affected is your social life.

We always recommend moderation over abstinence. Do go out with friends, and socialize with them over some food and drinks. If you make training your priority over all else, chances are you will lose your social life entirely. That can get you into depression and make the entire effort fail.

The Physical Woes

When you over train, your body has its own ways of telling you to take it easy!

Always Tired

Consistent Fatigue is an ever-present concern if you are over-working your body in the gym. After a heavy workout, your body needs time to repair itself. When you do not provide it with the same, however, it begins to fall apart. The consistent fatigue is an indication that your body is unable to repair itself in time before you are hitting the next workout.

Persistent Dryness

Lack of Sweat can be another indicator of an overworked body. Your body sweats when you work out. When you are extremely vigorous and regular with it every day, you expense a lot of fluid from your body. However, your body is unable to process the same amount of fluid in the same rate as you are losing it when you drink it. As a result, it shuts down the sweating process which is the primary system for cooling your body. It can lead to a myriad of other complexities, including reduced immunity, upset stomach and sudden weight loss.

We do agree that continuous training works for athletes and sportsmen. However, you must remember that most of them have dedicated teams of professionals working behind them to ensure they are not overworked. It includes absolutely strict extensive resting periods between workouts, and specialized supplements.

All said and done, we always recommend to listening to your own body. If it asks you to workout, get going. If it feels like taking the day off, listen and let it rest!

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