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Running a 10 K run? Read this first!

Posted on February 28 2017

Whether it’s your first mini marathon, or if running is in your blood, completing a 10K can be a lifetime achievement.  However, unlike 5K runs, completing a 10k needs much more dedication and endurance. A 5k run can be accomplished with a little bit of perseverance if you are more or less fit. If you are eyeing a 10 k completion, you need proper training.

Train for Purpose

You may be spending hours at the gym, or days dieting, but running a 10k needs a whole different approach. Lifting weights will never give you enough endurance, neither will rigorous running every day. You need clear objectives set in. What you need is a lean body and energy to match. Train accordingly. Here’s our guide.

Try this simple workout:

1 minute of pushups, followed by 2 minutes of plank, followed by 10 burpees. Repeat 5 times and increase one set every alternate that.

Train for Consistency

Unlike a regular gym session, where you get consistent good results and daily dose of endorphins, training for a run will always be a mixed bag of highs and lows. There will be days when you will feel like you are running on a cloud, and there will be days when you will feel like World War 3 trying to even start running.  You need to have a mind-set which takes you through both. In running, it’s consistency that matters above all else.

Train for Increased Length of the Run

You will need to build proper stamina to nail a 10K, and the training starts with a run of at least 2 kms every alternate day for a week. Ideally, you should run at a brisk rate for a minute, followed by slow steady jog for the next 2, and repeat. In the second week, double your distance, and in the third week, triple.

Within about a month, you will get close to your target distance. It is extremely important to get in the rest day in between runs. That will give your body enough time to heal and increase your stamina.

Train with Carbs

Carbs in the right form and quantity can actually be good for you. Have some glucose or simple carbs a couple of hours before you run. It will provide you with a steady supply of energy as you train harder.

Try this simple diet plan to help you run better:

Morning: four pieces of brown bread with two boiled eggs, along with fruit juice of your choice, preferably pineapple (it helps digesting Protein better)

Lunch: Rice with lentils, vegetable curry/salad and choice of fish. (ANY rice is good, says MilindSoman)

Post Run: Go for a protein shake mixed with berries, yogurt and protein powder.

Dinner: keep it light with a couple of rotis with fish or chicken, and vegetables if you are a vegan.

Stay away from soft and aerated drinks. Keep alcohol away till the day you celebrate completion!

Train Socially

Always make a public declaration of your run. Post photos as you train, and share your progress with friends on social media. Studies have shown when you make your objectives public, you are far less likely to give up midway. It might feel like peer pressure, but in the end it works wonders.

Here’s what we think you should know before you run.

Whatever hurdles you face, always remember, you can do anything if you just believe you can!

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