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Recreational Sports That'll Whip You Into Shape In No Time

Posted on May 25 2018

By now you know that working out regularly and sticking to a proper diet are the two factors involved in staying fit. However, even seasoned gym bunnies will tell you that exercising isn't always fun. Boredom with the predictable routine is the main reason why people drop out of the gym. Mixing sporting activities with your workouts is a great way to keep your exercises interesting. Here are the top five sports that give you a whole body workout: 

1) Cricket

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but it’s still physically demanding. However, it’s relatively easy and you can start training no matter what your fitness level. The good thing about the game is that, despite its relaxed pace, there is a significant bit of standing and running involved. 

2) Football

Football is the sport for you if you want to take your training sessions up a notch and opt for something physically demanding. An average football player runs at least 10 km during a 90-minute game. Plus there's quick changes of direction, explosive power, and kicks. Therefore the training is just as rigorous else the physicality of the game can lead to serious injuries. 

3) Basketball

An underrated aerobic sport, basketball helps you shed calories, build endurance and improve coordination. Similar to football, the game is physically demanding, therefore training and warming up is mandatory. 

4) Tennis

Tennis is another sport that can help you increase your aerobic capacity. You can burn more than 400 calories with an hour of tennis. Apart from helping you lose weight, it can also help improve your muscle tone and stamina. 

5) Golf

Golf may not look like an active sport but if you ditch the cart and the caddy, it’s more effective than an hour on the treadmill. You’ll like the mind-over-matter factor of the game. Plus, with golf, you get to work your way through beautifully landscaped environments.Now that you’re aware of these facts, get some cool sportswear and join a sporting club or two. Go with your friends and family to turn into an enjoyable outing. If you want to play professionally, hire a coach.

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