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Quick and Effective Workouts at Home

Posted on March 01 2018

Not all of us have the luxury of time, and a 60 minute workout at the gym definitely seems like luxury! Does this mean the time deprived lot should give up on leading a fit and fabulous life? Most definitely not! In today's age of technology, a personal trainer, a fancy gym and fancy equipment have become a thing of the past. In fact, all you might need is a smartphone! Download a few apps, and you can find yourself a few hundred quick and effective home workouts. 

These apps and video workouts not only give you step by step instructions but also help you track your progress! And the best part is you do land up with a personal trainer, without paying a hefty fee. While some apps have in-app purchases, others are free. 

Based on these trends, we have put together some quick and effective home workouts for you to try in the midst of your crazy busy life, and no you don't need to buy dumbbells and kettlebells to do them. 

Do the Plank

The plank is probably the best exercise you can do for your core because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline and improve your posture. And what's more? There are at least 20  variations of the plank you can try at home.

Step workouts

If you live in an apartment with stairways or work in an office with one, do at least five trips up and down a set of stairs. Step workouts are great lower body workouts and work wonders for your quadriceps and hamstrings as well as your gluteus maximus.


Squats should be a part of virtually everyone’s fitness routine. There are at least seven variations to try, some with equipment and some without. If you do have a pair of dumbbells lying around, try the dumbbell split squat.


The effects of lunges can be seen in no time, in the form of shapely, toned legs and backside. Find empty hallways at work or home and try the basic walking forward lunge. And if you are in the mood to challenge yourself, try the jump side lunges.

Jumping Jacks

The mention of jumping jacks might bring back unpleasant memories of PT class, but it is the most effective full body workout you can do. The best part is that it requires only tons of stamina and zero equipment.

Wall Sit

Rest your back, neck and head against a wall, with feet about a foot and a half away, then bend your knees, slide your body toward the ground until your thighs are parallel to it, and hold for 15 seconds.

Push-ups and Pull-ups

If you are looking at strengthening your upper body, push ups and pull ups are a must do. It can seem intimidating to start off, but if you start slow and build your volume over time, they quickly become more comfortable. Once you get a little comfortable, try the feet elevated push up, and all you need to do is find a couch, bed or a chair to do it.

It is said, that pull-ups are indicative of your level of fitness – if you can do a pull up you are in pretty good shape!

Stomach suck ins

Tighten your stomach muscles as if someone is about to punch you in the gut; hold for as long as you can. Channel your inner Baba Ramdev and pull in that tummy! You can do this while stuck in traffic or even when you are merely reading a book at home. 

It is not necessary to start off with all these exercises all at once. You could try four a day, and remember to do it the right way. The key is to listen to your body and take it slow and build your stamina one day at a time. Also, let's not forget perseverance and discipline! Now that you’re motivated to get off the couch, get yourself some comfy activewear from Piranha to really get your fitness act together!

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