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Protein Shakes… a shakedown…

Posted on March 24 2017

A great protein shake is the perfect way to recover after a fulfilling workout. It is the perfect arsenal in your armoury when fighting against post workout fatigue and reconstruction of muscle mass.

Here is guide to the perfect protein shake and how to become the best brew-master in the city!

The Contents

A protein shake should ideally consist of a high protein supplement powder, or any natural protein filled substance, along with sufficient digestive enzyme carriers and added nutrients. You can also add natural flavours to enhance the taste, and shuffle them to give your taste buds freedom from monotony. Let us dive deeper into the contents…

The Protein

If you are looking to gain mass, and increase your muscles, you can opt for numerous mass building protein supplement powders available in the market.

We do recommend you take proper advice from a nutritionist or your fitness trainer on how much to take. If you want to look at a more natural approach, take Indian Sattu, or gram flour instead. For generations it has provided our Desi Bodybuilders with the muscle they needed.

The Carrier

You do need to mix the powder or sattu with a carrier - which can be water or yogurt. For people who are lactose intolerant, water is the only option. However, if you like yogurt, nothing can be a better carrier. Yogurt contains almost as much nutrient as milk.  You can use probiotic yogurt for that added kick in digestion, and better absorption of protein. Do add a little water to the mix.


To add some flavour into your shake, you are most welcome to be as creative as you want. All seasonal fruits are a welcome addition here, right from mangoes, bananas, apples to berries.

Pineapple is a well-known catalyst for protein digestion, and adding some of its juice or entire fruit with the added fibres can bring about new dimensions to your shake. Adding sugar or any artificial sweeteners is a strict NO-NO! You can add a spoonful of honey if the need be, but that should be done conservatively.

Some prefer adding greens, like spinach into the mix, but we still recommend you avoid raw greens as it can lead to flatulence. If you prefer adding something chewy, toss in a few toasted wheat breads or brown breads in to the mix…

Ideally, you should have your dose of protein about 30 minutes after you are done working out, or early morning in an empty stomach.

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