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How to take care of your Gym Clothes

Posted on February 17 2017

It is comfort that gets us a bit too attached to wearing our gym clothes to their limit. We love to wear them, but we hate it when they start to wither.

Today we shall teach you how to keep your gym clothes going longer and longer.

Say No to Detergent

Believe it or not, detergent soap, and we mean any kind, can ruin your gym clothes if handled improperly. Typically, detergent contains strong chemical agents that do remove tough stains, but in the process destroy the delicate fibres of our clothes.

Your Gym clothes are designed to handle the toxic waste released from your body when you work out, so sweat doesn’t harm them. However, they are not designed to tackle any inorganic chemicals that are present in almost all detergent soaps.

We recommend washing your gym clothes in plain water as soon as you arrive home. Do not let them sit in sweat overnight. If you use a washing machine, strictly stick to the delicate cycle. You can also use a mild antiseptic to aid in the cleaning.

If you must use detergent, use it once a week, and always hand-wash.

No iron

Gym Garments are not made of cotton entirely, rather they are blended to provide you with maximum comfort as you sweat out. Do not iron them unless absolutely necessary. A better solution would be to keep them under your mattress overnight, and the gentle pressure will even out all creases, giving you a pressed look.

Have any other tips to help your gym clothes last longer? Do let us know!

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