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How to survive your first Kickboxing class!

Posted on December 01 2016

We promised to talk about the different types of cardio you can try out for a great start to a fit lifestyle. Perhaps there is no other exercise which prepares you better for the real world like Kick boxing, or Muay Thai, or MMA! Not only is it one of the most intense forms of cardio, the benefits of a regular kickboxing lifestyle will extend way beyond a shredded physique.

Be Prepared

Kick boxing is an intense full contact, high impact sport. You will get punched in the face, kicked and elbowed all across your body. There will be a lot of pain involved. It is very important you prepare for it mentally. When the first punch makes contact, about 83% people give up and never come back. The key here is to resolve, stick in and convince yourself that it can’t get worse than this. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Take it Gently

Keep your strength for endurance. A candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. Conserve your strength and hit with less than full power. Besides, excessive strength behind kicks and punches will cause extreme fatigue - not good for the next couple of days when you will wriggle in pain!

Stretch it out

Do not take stretching lightly. It extends your muscles, removes tension in muscles and reduces soreness to a great extent. We recommend that you stretch at the very beginning of your session, along with short stretching sessions spaced 15 minutes apart to loosen up properly.

Let Loose

Unlike other sports, MMA/Kickboxing needs flexible, stretchable clothes. Shoes are a strict NO-NO.  Here at Piranha, we have specially designed Activewear that stretches and flexes along with you, absorbing moisture as you sweat it out! Even the hand wraps should not be too tight or they will interfere with blood flow.

Ideal Kitbag

Your ideal kickboxing kitbag should consist of a good pair of shorts, extra handwraps, mouthguards, pads, your favourite energy bar, water and a pain relief spray. Invest in good quality products.

Mix and Match

Ideally, kickboxing should be mixed with a variety of strength training and cardio for optimal benefits. Never be afraid to experiment. The variety will keep you hooked and soon you will find your punches getting stronger, and kicks getting higher!

Kicked about this? Go on, try it!

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