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How to rock your next visit to your Gym!

Posted on May 26 2017

Going to the gym day after day gets boring after a certain time. It’s time you got things back on its toes and get a new dash of energy. This is our guide on how you can get things “shaken, not stirred” in your mundane gym sessions! If you are looking to get your sportswear online, your search ends here!


They say Orange is the new black, and it doesn’t get any better than this orange Gym T-shirt by Piranha Sportswear. The gym is an otherwise boring place, and this t-shirt has just the amount of oomph to get things alive again! Bright colours get us more motivated to work out. It’s all science!

You can never go wrong with a black short. Whether you are looking for a pair of comfortable dry-fit shorts, or looking for a great pair of running shorts online, we doubt you will get anything better than this smart pair of shorts we found!


Get this pink T-shirt for your next gym visit to become the centre of attention! This will definitely help you break a few hearts (or bones given the distractions!).

Yoga pants like these we found have been made to be worn and worked out in! The stylish geometric patterns lend a fitting hand in making these ultra-comfy pants a must wear at you next run too! Not only will they wick away your sweat and cool, they act as protection against abrasion as you run!

We have always emphasised time and again how you must get dedicated gym clothes if you are serious about working out! Not only do dedicated gym clothes provide their own benefits, you look extremely stylish in the process too… which is an added reason to push on farther!

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