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How to look leaner with your choice of clothes

Posted on June 09 2017

We all want to look leaner don’t we? We spend hours at the gym trying to get the sculpted look. Very few people know, you can actually look a lit slimmer than you are simply by choosing the correct clothes when you shop for sports clothing online.

The Fit

We cannot stress it enough, but please buy clothes that fit. Not a size bigger, and definitely not a size smaller, where you end up looking like the Michelin Man. Your clothes should fit you perfectly. Measure your chest when you are ordering sportswear online and look up the size chart for the relevant products. A perfect fit will be achieved by ordering something about 1-2 inches more than your chest size. If your chest size is say 43, go for a t-shirt that is about 44-45 inches in the chest and it should fit you like a glove.

Choosing the contrast

When looking for online sports clothing, we recommend you avoid stark contrasts. Never pair a white t-shirt with black pants, as the stark contrast will create a colour boundary, making you look shorter than what you are. Instead, go for combinations that are on similar colour palettes, like light blue with deep blue, grey with black, white with khaki or grey etc.

Use visual deception

A great way to look leaner is to apply small visual deceptions when you choose to buy running t-shirts online.Case in point let’s look at this t-shirt from Piranha, your favourite sports clothes online shop.

The graphic detail near the chest will give the illusion of your chest being larger than it actually is, invariably making you appear more muscular.

For those of you looking to take things a bit farther, look at this striped t-shirt we found. The vertical pinstripes near the torso will make your beer belly look a bit lesser.

Darker colours tend to work better on heavier set people, with black being the best colour with slimming effects. However, the heat here in India will not allow you to go all black out all day, so choose any dark colour you wish, keeping the contrast correct.

So the next time you are looking for dry fit t-shirts online make sure you follow our tips to choose the best!

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