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How to increase your Endurance – A Runner’s Guide!

Posted on May 25 2017

Whether you are preparing for the next marathon, or you just want to do something about your waning endurance, this systematic guide will help you get back on track towards building your stamina back to a 100%...

Find the Reason

The very first step is in fact, more of a mental effort than physical. Look deep inside yourself and find the real reason you want to get fit. Maybe you miss being fit or being able to run miles at a time. You need to want the reason really bad for it to effectively motivate you, as the going gets.

Find the Source

Now that you have set your mind, the next step is to find the reason you are unable to run far. Do you smoke? Do you eat a lot of junk food? Whatever be the reason, you must make a commitment to yourself and your body to leave it out, completely. Get the vice out, completely!


You cannot just start running when your body is not used to it. Your legs will simply collapse and in case you are injured, that will be the end of the road. Start by doing squats and lunges. Five sets of 20 each will suffice. When you are able to do a 100 of each without much strain on your legs, you can safely assume that you are now ready to start running. Your legs need to be strong enough to take the massive force generated when you run.


It is time to start running. It is very important to stretch before you start. About 3 minutes of stretching is great. Start by walking fast. It should be fast enough to get your heart rate high, but you should not ‘hop’. About 5 minutes in, start running.

Start slow and slowly build up your pace until the point you cannot go any faster. The increase should be paced evenly across about 30 seconds. Reduce pace and walk fast again. Alternate this arrangement for about five sets for the first five days. The total duration of the run should be about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

The sixth and seventh days are your cheat days.

The next week, the pattern changes. Start by walking fast for about 5 minutes. Start running, but at a healthy pace, at about 60% of your maximum speed. Hold this speed for as long as you can. Repeat. End your run at about the 30 minutes mark. Repeat this for the next 5 days.

Sixth and seventh days again are cheat days, and you earned it.

Every week, you are to increase the duration of your workout by 10%. When you can run in both formats for an hour, you can now start measuring the distance and speed, and stretch your workout to the extreme. Invest in a good tracker, some good running gear to get yourself started in the right foot! Before you know it, you will easily complete the next marathon that comes to your city!

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