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How to be an Ideal Gym Enthusiast!

Posted on February 02 2017

For those of us who are regulars at the gym, and even for those who are new at the game, it is a place to vent frustration, push yourself to failure, a place to fall and rise up.

Let us take this opportunity to discuss how to make the gym a temple of fitness that it really is, rather a room full of angry, screaming, bickering people hell bent on destroying muscle to build new, better ones!

The three C’s of gym etiquette are Compassion, Cleanliness and Courteousness.


We all are scared when we first walk into a gym. There are always the more experienced ones who love to flaunt, and the lesser experienced ones, who still are far better physically than us. A gym can be a pretty scary and intimidating place. It’s just like the first day of college. Remember, as you get more and more experience, you become the senior. As you gather experience, it becomes your responsibility to guide and look out for the newbies, just like in school! Whenever you see a rookie scared about trying out a new workout, or dangerously overexerting him/herself, go and talk to them. They probably need it!


The gym can potentially be extremely unhygienic with all the sweat, puke and toxins sprayed all over. Maintain as much hygiene as you can, and encourage others to do the same too! Try smelling nice all the time, and although you are supposed to sweat profusely during workouts, try not to make it rain on the floor. We recommend investing in some good Activewear to get rid of all the puddles. Carry a small towel to wipe the equipment after you use them. Remember, you should be the change you wish to see in others.


A gym can also be a pretty dangerous place to be. A stray dumbbell here and there, even an unpretentious skipping rope can spell disaster for someone tripping over it after being partially disoriented with 100 push-ups. Always reorganize your equipment after you are done with them. Even if you see something that isn’t where it’s supposed to be, make an effort and set it right. Not only does it count as a good deed, flooding your brain with endorphins, it also serves as a nice warm up or extended cooling after a workout,which is great for your body too!

If you have any other advice for us, or any other tips, feel free to comment.

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