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Hot Workout Trends: Power Yoga

Posted on January 15 2018

Power Yoga seems to be a buzzword for all things cool and fitness related. It feels like everyone and their aunt is always rushing to a class or talking about the amazing new power yoga pose they learned this week. If you are one of the uninitiated few who still haven’t figured out what all the fuss is about, we’re here to clue you in.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is an intense series of yoga asanas modeled on the Ashtanga Vinyasa school of yoga. It focuses on a constant flow of movement emphasizing flexibility and strength. Unlike traditional yoga that uses breathing and long pauses to hold each asana, power yoga was developed to be a more vigorous exercise activity. In a nutshell, it is yoga done with a contemporary fitness-based approach.

History of Power Yoga

Power yoga was developed in the 1990s and was popularized in the West by Bryan Kest and Beryl Birch. Bryan Kest had gone to study Ashtanga yoga under its founder, K. Pattabhi Jois. He took the learnings of Ashtanga and developed it into a more fluid, mindful and intense fitness system. He was also the person who coined the term ‘power yoga’.


  1. Provides a thorough and complete workout

As the name suggests, power yoga takes regular yoga up a couple of notches in terms of intensity, core building, strengthening and flexibility.

  1. Helps in weight loss

Due to the intense aerobic nature of power yoga, you are likely to burn an average of 200-250 calories an hour. It also builds lean muscle and burns fat.

  1. Eminates toxins

The fluid movements of power yoga help in effectively draining the lymphatic system. It strengthens your immune system and boosts the body’s ability to fight infections.

  1. Increases flexibility

With its roots in Ashtanga yoga, power yoga significantly increases flexibility. Not just that, it improves posture, increases blood flow, relaxes your muscles and improves your movement and performance on the whole.

  1. Highly energizing

It is very common to see people walk out of a class after an hour of intense workout looking fully energized and refreshed. The power yoga routine induces a feeling of well being while burning calories and increasing metabolic rate and stamina.


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