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Hot Workout Trends: Pilates

Posted on January 19 2018

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system that is also known as Contrology or the art of controlled movements. In a nutshell, Pilates is a series of controlled exercise that train both body and the mind. It uses specially designed equipment that aids in body alignment, strengthening and stretching the muscles and improving core strength.

History of Pilates

Pilates was conceptualized and developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph Pilates suffered from asthma and other ailments as a child, as a result of which he researched extensively on various exercise routines. The inspiration behind his fitness system was the classical Greek ideal of a man balanced in mind, body and spirit. He moved from Germany to the USA where he opened his first fitness studio in New York.

How did Pilates get so famous?

Joseph Pilates’ methods were becoming very popular, especially with dancers in New York City. So much so, that his first students went on to become famous in the fashionable fitness circles and are referred to as the “elders” of Pilates. They also incorporated some of their own techniques to the Pilates method. This is what is known as Modern Pilates as opposed to Classic Pilates that strictly follows Joseph Pilates’ original methods.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Pilates is similar to yoga in its approach to emphasizing the mind and body connection. The Pilates method follows 6 principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. It uses specially designed apparatus like the Universal Reformer which provides resistance for the body to work against. The exercise sets focus primarily on the body’s core – back muscles, hip and abdomen – combined with breathing techniques. Regularly practicing Pilates is recommended for strengthening muscles, improving stamina and correcting postural alignment.

Where can you learn Pilates?

Pilates is only taught by certified instructors who complete many levels of training. In India, Pilates has become quite the rage with celebrities, fitness enthusiasts and even beginners. Look for a Pilates studio with a certified trainer in your city and you too can enjoy the unlimited possibilities that Pilates present. Complement your new workout with activewear that is breathable, comfortable and stylish.

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