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Getting rid of Post Workout Fatigue

Posted on November 03 2016

That feeling which comes immediately after you leave the gym - when your head spins, your whole body aches, you feel nauseated, fatigued and your feet feel like jelly - this is classic post workout fatigue. And, it is one of the primary causes that many have quit after the first or second day at the Gym. We are here to ensure you get your socks up and get over the bump just right.


When you work out, your muscles are broken down and tissue is torn. These, when repaired by your body, become stronger and bigger. The pain you feel arises when the damaged tissue sends signals to your pain receptor cells. It is your body’s defence mechanism telling you to stop to prevent further damage. The very first step in getting over this post workout fatigue, is accepting the fact that it is inevitable. Getting over the first week is perhaps most important - when you push yourself to accept the fact that it is a part and parcel of being fit. After the first week you will get used to the feeling and your recoveries will be faster and less painful.

Correct Clothing

Wear correct Activewear while working out. Cotton clothes will not do it. The special fabric we use at Piranha works overtime to keep you high and dry during and after your workouts so your fatigue is significantly lessened. It essentially prevents your body from overheating during workouts while absorbing moisture away from your skin.correct


The best way to get rid of post workout pain is getting a massage. Studies have shown that application of direct pressure on sore areas can significantly reduce swelling and fatigue, and you also recover faster, ready for your next workout! An alternative is trying out compressive clothing, or clothes that fit extremely snug with your body. Compression Activewear has shown to improve blood circulation, lessen fatigue, and reduce swelling.

Protein Shakes

It is perhaps the only way to aid your body in proper repair. Prepare a protein shake, with your favourite protein powder, some yogurt, berries and a banana. Put it all in a blender and have it not later than 30 minutes after concluding your workout.

Don’t quit after the first day! Stay strong, stay healthy, stay fit.


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