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The Ultimate Obstacle Training Plan

Posted on December 09 2016

For decades, Obstacle training has been the fitness mantra for the armed forces, targeted at increasing strength and endurance of our defenders to make them battle ready. The goal is to run from start to finish, going across various obstacles, in the fastest time possible. Sounds simple? Well, read on to know more.


Obstacle training will not build you bulging muscles. You should look at strength and weight training for that. However, what it does do is increase your endurance, burn an INSANE amount of fat, and essentially make you leaner. This type of training can do wonders as far as practical requirements of strength trainings are. If the armed forces vouch for something, you just cannot ignore it!


Obstacle training does require some open space and equipment. Some common ones include mud pits, vehicle tyres, ropes, and logs. On your part, you need proper attire, like Activewear from Piranha, impact absorbing shoes and a Never-Give-Up attitude! Needless to say, most obstacle courses are created outdoors where you can get fresh air (and mud). Carry fresh towels and a spare set of clothes. Never be afraid to get dirty.


Obstacle courses are designed to break the minds of the toughest people. Once you start, and after you go through the first few setups, you will feel like giving up. No pain, no glory! There is a famous saying in the Indian Army, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in War!” This is war against fat, and you must sweat it out!

Keep calm

Obstacle courses are notoriously infamous for spiking your blood with endorphins. This sudden surge of pain numbing hormones trigger an additional release of adrenaline, and you may be able to do things you never imagined. However, if you push too hard, you are susceptible to injuries. A wrong grip on a rope or a misjudged jump may end up in a severe injury. Always try Obstacle Course Training under expert supervision.  Explore your limits, but be well informed and calculate every move!

For the more adventurous among us, Obstacle training can be a new lease of life for a boring fitness routine!

Good Luck!


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