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Getting Ready for the Winter Workouts

Posted on January 06 2017

Now that the winter chill is here, the time has come to adapt and change your workouts to take advantage of nature’s own fat burning weather!

Winter is naturally conducive to workouts. You sweat just as much as you do in summers, but the sweat evaporates extremely fast so you barely feel any wetness or sweat. As a result, you can push harder, faster, and further than you can ever do in summers where running a mile can exhaust you like a zombie…

Get Outdoors

The winters are not the time to stay indoors and slog on a treadmill. The outside is uncluttered, decongested and calling you out for a prolific run. Do not ignore it. The chill will automatically enhance your stamina, as your body gets cooled better, faster. Go out to enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Wear a Sweatshirt

Running or doing any workout for that matter in winters? You cannot go wrong with a sweatshirt. Although it may seem that due to your body heating up as you work out, you may not need any protection. But the truth is you will catch a cold, or worse if you do not take some sort of protection against the chill.

Keep it Dry

While working out, keep your head dry at all times. The reason is, as your hair and head gets wet, your sweat will evaporate too fast, and you will lose heat too rapidly from your head and that may result in a horrible brain freeze, leading to fever in worst case scenarios! The trick is to run or workout with your head covered; and when you are done, just wipe the sweat off really well.

Cover the extremities

We tend to lose a lot of heat from our hands and feet. While running will involve wearing shoes, so you will have that covered, it is important in winter that you pay extra attention and you wear good gloves and woollen socks. We lose almost 70% of our body heat from our extremities. If you can prevent that, you can easily get over the problems of working out in winter!

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