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Five sneaky workout tricks during lunch time

Posted on February 16 2018

A busy social calendar, long commutes and a stressful desk job with even more extended hours of staring at your computer screen? If that's what your life currently looks like it's time to make some changes. In the ideal life, a daily 60-minute workout is what would work best, but not all of us can fit it into our crazy schedules, can we? So, here are five sneaky lunchtime workout tricks you can try at work, as a beginning towards your healthier life resolution. And the best part? You don't need to get into gym gear or carry gym equipment to do any of it!


This is a real easy one. Most of us work out of huge Tech Parks with lots of tall buildings around which undoubtedly will have A LOT of stairways. So, see that staircase? Great. Take it! If your office is on the 4-5 floors or the 13th, walk it up. Stop taking the lift. Whenever you see stairs, climb them! Halt and go if you have to, but still, take the stairs. One step at a time. You might be huffing and puffing your way up today, but 30 days from today and you will be sprinting up those same steps!


Every time your Boss asks for a one on one review, especially one that does not require you to show pie charts and PPTs, take him for a walk! Have a walking chat with your Boss, and if you are the Boss, even better! Encourage your team to walk and talk! One of the primary benefits of walking is supposed to be “Improvement of the mood”! So, is it not a good idea then, to have walking meetings with the Boss, just in case you didn't reach a few deadlines!


If you are sitting for an extended period, without a break, make a conscious decision to bring about some movement. Get up and take a 5min walk around the block or chat with your colleague at the far end of the corridor. And before taking that walk, do some seated stretches to give those muscles some much-needed relief! The Upper trapezius stretch, the wrist stretch, hamstring stretch and the prayer stretch are just a few to name, easy to do stretch. All you need is your office chair and five minutes! The one that is a must do every couple of hours is the office hip stretch to decrease your risk of lower back and sciatic pain.


Am sure your office will have a few empty hallways here and there. If you see one with not too much human traffic around, do a walking forward lunge. Stroll for one minute, and then do reverse lunges back to your starting point. Do this at least for a minute. A great workout to shape that booty. Next is the chair pose, this thigh-burning barre chair pose sculpts legs and works your core, like nothing else. All you need to do is find a wall! Start with your back flat against a wall. As you slide your back down, walk your feet out together until your knees hit a 90-degree angle.


..and if all else fails, do the Tabata! This is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last all of four minutes! The workout structure looks something like this:

  • Work out hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Complete eight rounds

Sounds easy, does it not? Well, the challenge here is to pack as many repetitions as possible into 6 to 8 sets of 20-second work periods. Not as easy as it sounds, but doable!

 Becoming healthy is a lifestyle change and if it all seems too daunting a task, to do all at once, takes one small step at a time. Take the stairs, walk while you talk on your phone, drink more water and eat fresh home cooked meals; and what better time to start than NOW!



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