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Fitness for Frequent Travellers: A guide!

Posted on April 28 2017

It does not matter where or how we work, most of us spend more nights out of our house, in another city or on the way to one. More often than not, whenever we travel, fitness goes out for a toss. We start eating unhealthy, we don’t work out, we sleep uneven. No wonder when you do start living unhealthy, getting back on track is a tedious affair.

For all of you travel-aholics out there, here’s our guide to staying fit, no-matter where your journey takes you!

There is no cardio like skipping!

The first is a good skipping rope. Carry one made of plastic and avoid the ones made of rope. They are better suited for quick workouts and don’t get dirty.

Get the Gloves!

The second basic requirement is a good pair of fitness gloves. Whether doing pushups or pull-ups, a good pair of gloves can be the difference between the perfect biceps and a chaffed hand. Besides, most hotel floors are slippery and may cause injury when you work out. Gloves provide at least some traction.

Clothes to boot!

Dedicated gym clothes will help you sweat it out in style. Piranha Sportswear makes specialized gym clothes that not only make your workouts more comfortable and stylish, they make carriage much more convenient.

Remember to hydrate…

When we are travelling, the first habit that suffers the most is hydration. It is important you make it a point to drink lots of water, at regular intervals. A simple reminder in your fitness tracker or smartwatch will do the trick.

Find the time!

No matter how busy you are, find at least 15 minutes a day to work out! Most hotels nowadays offer gym access built in into their tariff.

It’s the little things that matter when you are travelling. In the evenings when you are coming back from meetings, walk for a while. Short walks like these can work wonders to keep up your good habits.

The worst part of losing one’s fitness habits is getting back on track once you are done travelling. You put on weight, get reduced stamina and before you know, get back to square one. That’s one more reason you should never give up on fitness no matter where you are!
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