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Fat Loss – A continuous process

Posted on December 14 2016

Fat loss is more related to a lifestyle, than a forced habit. There a few simple life hacks you should follow to get the maximum out of your fat loss program. Here are a few cheats to get you all started for life.

Eat Slow and Steady

Studies have shown that eating slowly and savoring your food always makes you feel fuller for longer, and satisfies your hunger better with far less food than when you gorge and gulp your food.

Cheat Days – Myth… Busted!

There is nothing called a cheat day. In fact, the common notion that a cheeseburger with extra fries and a pizza once a week is fine as long as you work out 5 days a week is a big myth. It can actually undo all the hard work you did all week. Losing fat is more of an active lifestyle choice which you take in as a part of your daily life. You make an active choice and stick to it!

Get a fitness tracker

Invest in a proper fitness tracker. Getting all your fitness data like your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, calories burnt and distance walked may seem irrelevant at first, but as you start getting all the data, you will realize exactly helpful it can be! If you don’t want to invest in a stand-alone fitness tracker, you can use your smartphone to track your activities.

Don’t lose sight

Fat loss due to exercise might seem to be ineffective at times. You will not see any reduction in the weighing scale. You gain muscles and make up for the loss in fat. If in the first few weeks you don’t really feel the difference, don’t lose track. Keep the focus on and power through!

Perhaps the most important part of making fat loss a part of your life is making and embracing the simple changes that go a long way! Take the stairs; walk as much as you can, eat less but frequently. These small changes will snowball into a big change, and it will show itself.

Good luck!

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