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Eat at home for a fitter body!

Posted on March 24 2017

Our jobs take up most of our lives today. Add to that the shortage of time when it comes to meticulously preparing food at home. Washing the dishes after you are done?

All in all, most of us prefer to order some take-out and sit in the cosy comfort of our recliners, devouring it with a deep felt gloom of repentance…

Do you know, that every time you eat outside, and it doesn’t matter how healthy your menu is, you are wasting hours spent at the gym? Here’s why…

Know what you eat

You really believe the cuts of ham or chicken you are having are cooked to ensure there are no fats in them? When we cook at home, we boil what is fresh, be it chicken, fish or any meat of your choice.

Restaurants follow a more business minded approach. Slightly fried meat retains its freshness longer, so most restaurants, in order to retain their meat longer, lightly fry them before storing. When it’s added in a broth later, you wouldn’t even know the difference. So your oil free soup isn’t oil free after all!

Processed Fat

Processed meat, often found to be cheaper than the real deal, is often used by many restaurants to hasten up their daily cooking. What we rarely fail to realize is that processed food is processed fat. There are an unimaginable number of studies that have shown processed meat to be extremely high in calories compared to their actual unprocessed counterpart, and since they contain preservatives, they are extremely bad for your health in the long run.

Know how to cook

Look up the internet. You will find numerous fat and oil free cooking recipes for all things edible. Learn a few for better health. Every day you spend hours toiling in the gym, let’s not waste it all on junk food. Besides, learning to cook can also become your hobby for the foreseeable future… whether it is getting leaner you are targeting, or maintaining a lean physique, it can’t get any better than cooking at home!

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