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Decoding the Cheat Day!

Posted on May 23 2017

Everyone who is into fitness or desperately trying to lose weight knows about the Cheat Day. It is like Christmas, Diwali or Durga Puja in ‘common man’ terms. It comes once a week and we all wait for it all through the gruelling hours at the gym!

This discussion will not tell you how to live between cheat days; it is about what you should do on the day itself. This is our guide to ensure you make your cheat day count, and live to fight another week.

For the Newbies!

For those of you who are yet to jump into the fitness craze or you simply do not know, a cheat day comes once a week. It is a day when you do not exercise, take rest and eat the things that you normally cannot. The duration and frequency may vary looking at the kind of regimen you follow. For some, it may be twice a week or once every two weeks. Some fitness routines need two consecutive cheat days. Choose yours accordingly!

Why must you cheat?

Cheat days are as important as the exercises themselves, if not more.

When we are following a diet strictly, the continuous rules and restrictions take their toll. You crave junk food more and more as the days go by, all things restricted start looking more sumptuous, and by the end of the week, you can pretty much kill for a whiff of forbidden food. Cheat days are there to ensure you get to have some before you lose it completely and start raiding every single food joint on your way to work! It helps you release steam and avoid bursting like a pressure cooker…

How can you cheat?

Cheat days do not entitle you to gorge on fast food all day long. You can have small quantities of your favourite junk food. The portions must be small enough to ensure not all your efforts at the gym go to waste, but large enough to satisfy your cravings. Avoid oily and greasy stuffs, as they take a lot more time to drain out of your system. A couple of drinks out with your friends is fine, as long as you keep a check on the sides.

How to get back on track?

Once the day is over, you are bound to find yourself sluggish the next day. We recommend drinking loads of water to flush out everything from your system the next day. The day after you cheat is ‘always and forever’ earmarked for cardio… lots of it!

As wise men have always said, failure is nothing but a stepping-stone to success…

When you deliberately cheat for a day, you are actually setting yourself up for the perfect victory later on!

So keep calm and cheat on!

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