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Dealing with Post Holiday Season Weight Gain

Posted on January 13 2017

The holiday seasons every year, along with bundles of joy and prosperity, also gift us with a few inches extra, around our waist. The endless parties accompanied by spreads after spreads of fatty greasy winter food, leave us a few steps back from the progress we all had made the last year. However, the first time you have to put your belt a notch looser, the sinking feeling hits us…

Fear not, here at piranha, we are dedicated to get you back on track, and follow these simple advises to get your fitness routine back on track!

Cardio is the key

NOTHING is as effective in losing weight as cardio. If you had already made it a part of your routine, just continue it with full dedication, leaving behind whatever has been lost. If not, try to go for a small 2-3 KM run twice a week to start. Include some high intensity cardio exercise, like skipping ropes in between, say 200 in sets of 100, thrice a week.

Get Motivated

Nothing motivates humans better than seeing other people achieve. It stems from the inherent “survival of the fittest” mentality built within us. Get into Instagram, and follow a few fit people to get inspired back to fitness. Here’s our guide for the best people to follow for your dose of fit inspiration!

There are more than one ways to get inspired however. We have always emphasized the need of new stuffs for motivation. Whether it is you yourself who is looking to get back in shape, or are trying to get a significant other back on the treadmill, almost nothing works as well as a new gift, like some new cool Activewear from our collection. If you are looking for some fresh new ideas to get started you can always find some here.

Start saying NO!

Say NO. To junk food, to packaged food, to soft drinks, to alcohol (sorry, at least for a few months!), and most importantly to your heart when it wants to have any of the above. It is a huge irony by Nature that most of the things we crave for are actually not good for your health. You have had your share of your fun, now let your body get back on track, taking you in for the ride!

If you add some small changes to your life, like avoiding sugar, detoxing by having plenty of water and start taking stairs instead of the lift, it wouldn’t take long for you to get back on track! Remember, if you did it once, you can do it again!

Good Luck!

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