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Core Strength

Posted on December 23 2016

Your strength is judged by how healthy and internally strong you are, and not by the size of your biceps and shoulders. Core strength does not show in bigger muscles. And it is very difficult to judge a person’s core strength just by looking. You have to watch him move…

What is core strength?

Core muscles are the ones that support and wrap around your spinal column and make it flex. It carries the entire weight of your body. Good core strength results in greater flexibility. There is a reason why most MMA fighters focus on their core strength, as it aids in quick movements and rapid response in the ring at all times.

The inner core consists of your inner abdominal muscles, diaphragm and lower inner abs. These take more time to develop and are immensely beneficial for strength building.

How to increase it?

If you are looking to increase your core strength, planks are your best friend. Start slow with 30 – 45 second planks, and increase the duration by 50% every day, with a rest day included every 4 days. Aim for at least 5 minutes on constant plank for maximum results.

Besides planks, abdominal press, crunches and bridges also work wonders. If you combine a variation of all core exercises, you will achieve better results as you won’t get bored easily and the rotation lets your body adjust to variations much easily.


Core strength increases the amount of force you can generate from your body, which translates into increase lifting power, greater power in kicks and punches, and greatest of all, core stability improves the efficiency with which you can perform all tasks, which results in lesser chance of injury while working out.

If you have still not included a dedicated core fitness regimen into your fitness routine, the right time was yesterday!

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