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Cheat Day : Myth Busted

Posted on June 26 2018

So, you have worked hard at the gym the whole week, have followed your diet plan strictly, and are all set to devour the cheat meal over the weekend. After all, you have deserved this because you stayed away from those calories for 7 whole days, and think that you need to get your metabolism to start working again. But, do cheat days really work? Do they really help you stick to your diet and boost metabolism in your body? There are a lot of myths surrounding cheat days. And, in today’s blog post, we are here to tell you the facts about these cheat days.

So, read on to find out if cheat days really work or not.

1) You Can Eat Whatever You Want On Your Cheat Day

If you are eating whatever you can get your hands on your cheat day, then it might be doing your body more harm than good. By doing this, you are in fact, sabotaging your results for later on in your workout. Consuming too many calories obviously leads to weight gain and you might have difficulty losing the extra weight from these cheat days if you are working towards a weight goal.

Instead, plan your cheat days in moderation. Have a cheat meal instead of a whole cheat day, and eat your favourite foods in smaller portions. This can keep you and your body, both happy! 

2) You Need A Cheat Day

A lot of people argue with the fact that our body needs a cheat day to reset its metabolic clock. Our metabolism depends on the food that we consume and it can slow down if stick to healthy foods. But, this is not true.

If you continue to eat healthily, then it will definitely show you good results. So, you don’t really ‘need’ a cheat day in your routine! Just eat healthy and stick to your workout schedule. 

3) Your Body Won’t Adapt To Cheat Meals

When your food and eating habits change drastically, it usually takes our body some time to get used to this. So, if you are having continuous cheat meals, then it can get difficult for your body to get adapted to your eating habits completely. 

If you want to indulge your taste buds for a day, then look out for healthy alternatives rather than going all out on calories for a day. Eat healthy food which is good for your body and you will achieve your fitness goal sooner.

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