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Carrying your Music to your Gym – A Guide

Posted on May 16 2017

If you were to ask everyone in the world whether they prefer to take their music to the gym, chances are you will end up dividing it into two equal halves!

Silence is Golden

There are many among us who prefer absolute silence when we go to the gym. The natural conversations taking place all around, coupled with a variety of natural clink clank flooding the gym can feel just as good as any music to some. It works well especially for those who feel music is a sort of meditation. You need silence to meditate. Period!

Music to the ears

The other hemisphere however, believes that there can be no workout without music. They do have their good reasons though!


When you listen to music while working out, the mind is somewhat diverted from the pain you experience as your muscles start to complain. As you listen closely to the music, you concentrate more on the sound, and your pain receptors fail in efficient transfer of their complaint to your brain.

Tracking Time

The average song lasts for three and a half minutes. When you work out, counting songs can be a great way of keeping track of time, so that you do not have to look at your watch continuously to calculate the amount of time you spent on a particular exercise.

Pumping Energy

A good dance number can really lift up your spirits and get your ‘Work-Hard’ juices flowing. Listen to high-energy music that gets your heart racing, and it will even be easier to time your movement to a fast number.

How to carry your Music

The most obvious problem here is the fact that you should keep your music to yourself. We frown at the idiots who play their music via the phone speakers or worse, portable Bluetooth speakers! It is a strict NO-NO! Love your music? Invest in a good pair of Bluetooth or Sports Headphones that do not pop out and fall off as you move about. Make sure they are IP Certified, so you can carry on working out despite sweat or rain! We LOVE running in the rain by the way…

Most of us carry our music in our smartphones. However, a phone jiggling about in a pocket of your favourite dry fit shorts is not what you want in the gym. Invest in a good fitness tracker or smartwatch, and most modern ones come with on board storage that lets you play music over Bluetooth headphones!

All in all… if you love your music, do take it all the way to the Gym!

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