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Better Friends Leads to Better Fitness

Posted on March 09 2017

Better Friends Better Decisions

Well educated and informed friends help take you conscious decisions when it comes to what you eat, when you eat and where you eat. Whenever you decide to go binge eating, more often than not you will take your friends who will inspire you to eat responsibly and in control…

In the gym too, like minded and fitness driven friends will motivate you to push harder and fail lesser. You can share your successes and failures equally, taking your fitness steps forward.

Women with bigger friend groups also tend to fail lesser as far as fitness goals are concerned, as somehow they link public failure with loss of prestige, which is a good thing after all. Statistically, women have shown far better success rates than men when it comes to weight loss.

Women tend to bond immensely in difficult times, whenever the going gets tough, they get going.  The rigorous workout difficulties are similar to the hard work our stone age ancestors used to do, which activates this innate emotion of bonding among women.

Men work Differently

The above fact, however true for women, are exactly opposite for men. The more friends men have, the more chances they have of getting fatter. Men link comradery with merriment. In other words, when a group of guys hang out, they spend their time mostly on junk food and drinks. In the gym too, men prefer to work out alone, and are generally less inclined towards a wolf-pack mentality as far as fitness is concerned.

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