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Balancing Gym and Office – A guide for the Gymaholics

Posted on June 30 2017

Balancing your work and personal life can be tricky. Our bosses are forever ready to push on the next file before deadline, and our heart always keeps calling out for the comfy sofa at home after 7 pm. However, we all know how important an active lifestyle is for us. Working out has other immense benefits too.

Here at Piranha Sportswear, your favourite sports clothes online shop we shall discuss how to balance your work and gym life.

The Timing

The very first hurdle you will face is getting your timing right. It can be confusing at times. Be consistent and hit the gym or workouts in the morning and you run the risk of a drowsy work-time. Have your gym times in the evening and risk getting too fatigued all through the day to have an effective workout. At the end of the day, we suggest you try both and get a bearing on what suits you best. As always, here is our guide.

The clothes

Just get online, log on to Piranha Sportswear and browse through our extensive collection of dry fit tshirts online and dry fit shorts. Get your favourite gym attire and pack them along with your work stuff if you are working out after work. If your workplace permits, you can also give Athleisure a try. Here are a few of our favourite picks…


Carry your Stuff

Hitting the gym after work demands that you carry a few things along with yourself. The first requirement is a spare set of sweat free clothes, which you tug in. They take up very little space and are an absolute essential when you hit the gym. Carry a spare set of fresh towels. For the extended workout sessions, a power bank is also must for your electronic devices.

Work out in Office

If you act smart, your workplace can turn out to be a great place to work out… here is our guide.

No matter how much of a balancing act you maintain, in the end, it all comes down to your dedication towards your body and health. If you really want to work out, just ensure you find some time to do so…

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